GloW Signet
GloW Signet

Energy Saving Stoves
as Assembly Set
for Developing Countries

Social. Efficient. Low in Emission.

GloW Signet

Energy Saving Stoves
as Assembly Set
for Developing Countries

Social. Efficient. Low in Emission.

About GloW

GloW manufactures energy saving cookstoves as assembly set for emerging countries to improve health & efficiency in cooking while being ecologically sustainable.

Efficiency in cooking (up to 70%) will – in addition – save time for the youth. Instead of collecting firewood there are more chances for education. In combinatiion with the supply of cook stoves, we actively support education & training in the local regions through learning centers helping people to help themselves.

2.7 billion people all over the world use wood and dung to cook […]. According to the WHO annually more people die from air pollution through open cooking fires than from malaria.”

German Federal Ministry
for Economic Cooperation and Development

Low Emission.

No smoke in your face! Health-protective and clean cooking for everybody.


One GloW stove saves more than half of the fuel compared to a conventional three stone fire.


Creating new jobs in developing countries with products for developing countries.

Giving time back to children for education – Either in their local school or in one of our learning centres. 

The GloW Project

Learn more about our concept, the various cook stoves and its different fields of application.

Distribution of Clean Cooking PLUS Education

We created cookstoves as brilliant assembly sets to make them available in every region around the world. Why not sharing our skills as well.

The largest part of our value chain (orange background) takes part in the developing and emerging countries including distribution and learning centers that help and support people at the fringe of society with courses in metal processing and other vocational education skills.

We create centers of exchange to bring people together. Let’s talk about business and give everyone the opportunity to learn more about trade and other skills for their own small shop selling energy saving cookstoves.

Our Value Chain

GloW Headcentre
in Europe

  • Sale of stoves in Europe for
    Eco Gardeners & BBQ Fans
  • Sale of distribution centres (as container)
    to Aid Organizations, NGOs, …
  • Preparation of cook stoves as
    ready cut metal sheets for Shipping
  • Preparation of tools, marketing & training material for Learning Centres

& Learning Centres

  • Preparation of assembly sets containing bent metal sheets, and marketing material, training for small workshops
  • Sale of ready build stoves to B2B & B2G
  • Vocational Education for the Youth
  • Training of skills to prepare small businesses

Small Workshops

  • Sale of stoves to the end customer

  • Awareness raising for clean cooking and all connected issues with flyers and posters

Interested in our concept?

Learn more about our project, check out our concept presentation and have a look at some pictures.

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